Climb Newcastle News: Between the Trees DVD Review

Back to news from the shop here's our review of new DVD Between the Trees...

A British film about the bouldering mecca of Fontainebleau will always draw comparisons to Ben Moon and Jerry Moffatt's roadtrip to the magic forest in The Real Thing in the mid 90s. Indeed it's difficult not to make the analogy with the advances in British (well at least half British) sending in the forest established by Tyler Landman in Between the Trees, not seen since we proudly watched Ben dispatch Karma back in 1996. Tyler's ticklist is, without understatement, mind-blowing.

Keith (AKA Uncle Somebody) Bradbury's film definitely doesn't go for the fast car mentality of The Real Thing however, and that's evident from the start. Instead, the opening sequence is 3 minutes of feel good gold as we watch a chalk bag hurled from boulder to boulder around the forest, edited to perfection. Despite the tight editing, Between the Trees doesn't have the polished feel of a Dosage V or a King Lines but it does strike a perfect balance of hard climbing by Keith and Tyler with fun snippets, both in the main film and in the extras, which are worth watching. This combination gives a film that doesn't take itself too seriously and that makes a refreshing change in our DVD collection. Moreover, if Between the Trees gets anything like the audience that The Real Thing did, it will inspire a whole new generation of boulderers to visit the forest.

We loved it so much we've ordered a bunch of them for the shop. Grab 'em while you can online or in the centre.