Climb Newcastle News: Birthday Competition & Party!

As many of you will know we celebrate our 1st birthday next Friday, 23rd October and you are all invited to the party!

To celebrate we are hosting one of our super competitions, which if you entered one of the rounds last year, you will know are great fun! This kicks off at 1pm and you can come down any time before 9pm to try 35 problems at all levels. There is no extra cost, just your normal entry fee, and this year you can come down when you like and then go get yourself spruced up...

...From 9pm we will be hosting an after-party at HYEM bar on Chillingham Road where there'll be birthday cake and nibbles waiting for you. Entry is free to the after-party but if you want to enter the 1000 raffle draw, which will take place at about 10pm, then you need to hand in a scorecard at the competition...that's right, you pay normal entry, we give 1000 of goodies away, it's our birthday so why on earth not!

See you there!