Climb Newcastle News: Climb Newcastle opening 23rd October

We are very excited to announce that Climb Newcastle will open on the 23rd of October at the Byker Wall. Our wall building team of Andy Long and Robert Lamey will complete the final piece of the plywood puzzle within the next week or so, leaving only matting, painting and setting before we open our doors.

And what a job the guys have done...Our coaching room is ready to go, this area is perfect for kids and those getting started, not too high and with 6 different angles to play there will be plenty of variety in style and difficulty in here alone. Down in the main climbing arena the guys took no time getting stuck in. This room is on two levels, when you walk in you are met by some steps going down to the pool level with its four giant angled boards, funky grooves and formidable mouth at the far end. You can also go to the left or right of the stairs where the outside of the swimming pool once was and you will be met with many more climbing surfaces including some more gentle-angled stuff. The idea in here is that there will be several coloured circuits of problems; you simply pick the colour that matches your desired level and off you go. The great thing is that the sheer size of this area means that there will be a stack of problems to do whatever your ability.

And there's more still to come...Yet to be unveiled are the training and cellar areas. The training room will house everything you need to get fit and strong for our big roof and walls, with a campus board, swiss balls, finger boards etc. Downstairs will be a cellar board which we'd love to describe to you but all we know is it will be steep!

Keep checking the website for almost daily reports on our progress and all the centre information: how to get to us, information on our coaching etc. Our coaching and courses can be booked as of this coming Monday and you can get 3 month and 12 month memberships in advance by contacting the centre on 0191 276 2174.

Climb Newcastle opening 23rd October