Climb Newcastle News: Thanks for your patience...have some more problems!

We really appreciate your patience during the last 3 weeks of maintenance, repainting and setting, and we thought we'd get you all a little something to say we have bought 600 new Core Climbing holds in black to make up an 8th colour circuit on the wall, and we've set 30 new problems in the entire range from font 3 to 8a, something for everyone to enjoy.

We love the Core holds, they are very interesting to set with and to climb, they use their logo to feature many of the holds very nicely and have a nice mix of smooth and featured holds, whether slopers, crimps or jugs. And apart from being a great set of holds they add to the already extensive range of different holds from different manufacturers that keep our problems so varied. Half of the new black holds aren't even on the wall yet and are saved for the next set of problems...we know of no other climbing centre that can match our holds cupboard in terms of variety!

Image: Suzan testing the 300 problem, one of the trickiest of the blacks, on the 30 degree board. The 300 doesn't represent prize money for the first person to climb it...this isn't christmas...but actually the cost of the gigantic holds that are on it. Worth every penny we think!

Now that everything is back to normal we are back in the swing of weekly new problems, with the greens next up on Friday next week. Also over the weekend all of the problems will be numbered and circuit information, temporarily suspended during the maintenance, will be back up by Monday.