Climb Newcastle News: Tyne and Wear Hotel Treasure Hunt!

Treasure Hunt

These aren't just any customers having a go at Climb Newcastle...This weekend we hosted part of the 2009 Tyne and Wear Hotels Treasure Hunt which saw bosses and staff from 8 of the biggest hotels in the region get to know about and participate at the finest attractions in the area.

Thanks to the success of coaching sessions such as Rock Stars, the Junior Coaching Academy and our easy to get started foundation sessions, we have made a name for ourselves as an attraction for people wanting to try something new and have been working closely with Tourism Tyne and Wear who overlook tourism in the area to get new people started. This has led to us being a headline attraction in several campaigns including the Discover Pass and Get Out and Active, and this weekend we hosted the all important first leg of the treasure hunt.

Our task was to do something challenging but not too challenging (a fine line) with a clue to lead the teams on to the next attraction, a great opportunity to adapt our popular kids jigsaw challenge to adult groups...and I'm happy to say it went down a treat!

If you haven't heard of the Discover Pass you should get one now (buy online here), it only costs 1 (2 online) and you'll make your money back the first time you use it at any one of many local attractions! We have a 2 for 1 offer on foundation sessions running until the end of the year so if you know anyone who hasn't been down to have a go yet this is a great opportunity, why not let them know.