Climb Newcastle News: Friction...Coming Soon

Climb Newcastle Opening Day 23rd October 2008

While we are having this classic British summer weather it seems as good a time as ever to mention some of our plans for the summer.

Some of you may remember a much less rubber-marked Climb Newcastle (with less holds too by the look of it!). Well, over the summer months we are going to give the climbing arena a bit of a makeover with some new colours and, even better, additional friction paint.

From July 20th onwards you may find that some sections of wall are closed for maintenance. Fear not however as we are making plans to ensure that you will still be able to have a great particular there will be a significant increase in the volume of problems in the areas unaffected.

Then as a reward we will be looking into adding additional climbing surfaces towards the end of the summer as the first part of our phase 2 development of the centre...exciting times ahead!

Ps here's an old video dug out to remind you how we painted the wall the first time!