Climb Newcastle News: Coaching and kids walls go up

Climb newcastle's Kids and Coaching Room.

At the start of the weekend our expert wall builders Andy Long and Robert Lamey arrived to begin constructing the climbing surfaces. These guys are at the top of their game and we are very happy to have the fate of our wall angles in their hands! Things are starting to happen very rapidly now as these guys basically don't stop in the 3 weeks that they are here, starting when they wake up and only stopping to sleep!

Only 3 days into their stay and already our coaching and kids room is looking good with extensive slab and vertical sections on the left side and 5 varying steeper angles on the right. This room is the perfect height for kids and those trying out bouldering for the first time. It is also an ideal environment for us to run coaching sessions in.

Tomorrow the guys begin to work their magic at the pool level of the main room.