Climb Newcastle News: Time to get fit!

Time to get fit!

After last weeks green set we have now doubled up in this popular grade band with a (slightly easier) purple set of problems from 4-6b+.

You may recall back in March we had a yellow link up of 10 problems, it was a nice idea but it turned out a touch on the hard side (take a look at Adam falling of the last couple of moves). Problems 8 to 17 of the new purple crcuit can be linked either way around the pool area to make a monster piece of climbing equilivent to climbing upwards for 50m! This time the traverse is much more attainable (depending on how sneaky with rests you are, roughly F7a+ route grade), and our stamina monster Adam has even climbed it there and back!

The nice thing is that if you can do one purple you can start to attempt linking them together and whatever your fitness level you can create your own challenge be it 2, 4 or all 10 probems!