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Climb Newcastle News

You may have noticed that Climb Newcastle is expanding this October with The Valley opening in Ouseburn on Monday October 2nd, after preview days on the weekend of 30th September and 1st October.

We're sure you've got some questions, so in this post we will attempt to answer some of them...

About the two centres

Who is The Valley for?

The Valley is for you! Or more precisely, it is for climbers of all grades. It will have circuit style problems across the spectrum, just like at Byker, plus a competition wall, which will also have a variety of levels of difficulty.

Can children climb at The Valley?

Yes, the usual rules regarding supervision will apply. However we will not be running any children's coaching sessions at The Valley, these will continue to run at Byker.

What's happening with the original Climb Newcastle?

The original Climb Newcastle in the old Byker swimming pool, which we shall be referring to as The Pool, will remain open, though its opening times will change. They will be 4pm to 9pm on weekdays and 9am to 5pm on weekends. The Pool will continue to have brilliant problems to try, set with the same regular frequency!

What times will The Valley be open?

The Valley will open at 7am and close at 10pm on weekdays, and will be open 10am to 8pm on weekends. We hope to build a vibrant pre-work crowd and will be helping to encourage climbing before work with hot showers and plenty of car and bike parking.

Can I visit The Pool and The Valley on the same day?

Yes! Your day pass will be valid at both. They're only half a mile apart and that's 500+ problems you'll be able to try with one entry fee!

Are prices rising?

Yes, but only really to catch up with inflation and we are scrapping our annual registration fee. Plus, as mentioned above, it gets you into two centres!

Climb Newcastle News

Will my annual pass be valid at both centres?

Yes, if you have an existing pass and yes if you buy a new one! They are only going up by £5!! We won't be offering 3 month passes from September 1st. These will be replaced by a monthly direct debit.

Will I need to fill out another form?

We're moving to digital registration, so you will be asked to fill out an online registration form, which will cover both centres.

The walls look big at the new centre, are they bigger than at The Pool?

They look big because there are no mats in; they are actually all regulation height 4.5m. That's the same as the height of our inside walls at The Pool.

I've seen videos/photos and it looks steep. Is it all like that?

Not at all. Yes, there is a lot of steep, but then again there's a lot of everything! There are all sorts of angles and tons of slabs! Check out the photo of the great looking gentle wall on the right for starters!

What is the competition wall for?

As its name suggests, this section of The Valley will be the main focus of competitions, including our Winter Bouldering Series and Annual Spring Boulder Open. It's also of significant size, capable of holding national events. However, for the most part, you can just think of it as more climbing! And though its name suggests it might be an elite area, that isn't true, there will be problems of all grades here.

Climb Newcastle News

The competition wall will have a separate setting schedule, with problems reset en masse, rather than circuit by circuit. This gives us the opportunity, for example, to do awesome things with volumes without messing up other problems.

When is the first competition?

The first round of our Winter Bouldering Series will take place at The Valley in mid-October. Date to be confirmed.

Will there be a top-out boulder?

We thought you'd never ask. As a matter of fact there will be! ;-)

Will there be showers?

Keep up! Yes there will be showers in both the male and female changing rooms.

Can I do an induction at The Valley

You sure can. We're dropping our induction price from £25 to £15 just for you! And you can already purchase your induction via our CrowdFunder campaign! Talking of which...

Crowdfunding questions

I've pledged on CrowdFunder already but would like to upgrade to another item. How can I do this?

Easily: go to 'My Pledges' in the menu in the top right and then cancel your current pledge. Then pick out the one that you would like to upgrade to and proceed as before.

Why are there limited numbers of some items?

Some of the items are a really great price. 10 climb passes have been very popular. We can't add any more of those, but we have added a 10 climb pass bundle for a little bit more.

When does the crowdfunding end?

It ends on Friday 22nd September, but we recommend getting in quickly, as there are only limited quantities of some items.

I want multiple items, but the bundles aren't quite right for me. What can I do?

You can pledge separately for more than one item. If that doesn't work for you then send us an e-mail and we'll see what we can do.

When will there be more info on the opening event?

Soon. We're still busy making at awesome as possible!

I'm a business interested in getting involved. How do I get more info?

We have some brilliant opportunities for businesses to get involved with The Valley. Contact us at and we can discuss ideas.