Climb Newcastle News: The Valley Climbing Centre: Opening this Autumn!

Climb Newcastle are very proud to announce that we will be opening our second centre, The Valley, this autumn.

After searching for several years for a suitable building to accommodate our ever-growing climbing community, we have settled not far from home, on the edge of the Ouseburn Valley.

We're going to be running the 2 centres side by side, with complementary features, activities and events. You will be absolutely spoilt!

Climb Newcastle News

With a footprint nearly 2 times the current centre, The Valley will offer you a bouldering centre of the highest calibre. Features will include:

  • Bouldering problems from Fb 3 to 8a
  • 30m competition wall
  • Cave area
  • Circuit board
  • Steep training board
  • Training area
  • Stretching and core area
  • Showers and changing rooms
  • Coffee and shop
  • Lounge / viewing balcony

As well as ample parking in the surrounding area, we will be running several initiatives to encourage sustainable travel, including internal bike parking.

Hot showers and our planned extended opening hours will mean that you can visit The Valley before or after work (both, if you're really keen!).

Climb Newcastle News
Climb Newcastle News Climb Newcastle News

There is, of course, much more to follow. For now you probably have many questions, to which we'll try to answer a few:

When will The Valley be open?

Autumn 2017. A more accurate timescale will follow but we expect to be open by mid-autumn.

What's happening to the original Climb Newcastle?

It's staying open. There will likely be changes to our opening times, but the new centre will offer us the flexibility to do some very exciting things with the pool. In particular, the original will become a superb coaching and training venue.

Will my membership / pass be valid at both?

Membership, yes.

Passes will be valid at both centres, though the sale of new 12 month passes are suspended, subject to a review of the pricing.

Will The Valley cost me more?

We're trying to keep costs down to offer good value for money. We always strive to offer good value for money and will aim, as we have since our opening in 2008, for inflationary increases only.

Who is financing The Valley?

New climbing centres cost hundreds of thousands of pounds. We don't have that sort of money lying around, but the development is being funded by private investment and financing. We will also be launching a crowd-funding campaign to offer some fantastic opportunities for you to get involved.

Climb Newcastle News

That's all for now. Stand by for exciting times.

Andy, Chris and Darren x