Climb Newcastle News: ASBO 17 Reaction

More Action

Here’s some more action from the final:

When will the results be released?

Results will be out tomorrow... there are a lot of scorecards to count... judging by how quickly the t-shirts went, this was our biggest ever ASBO!

ASBO 17 Finalists

Climb Newcastle News

Left to right: Rachel Carr, Luke Murphy, Naomi Buys, Michaela Tracy, Orrin Coley, Adam Watson, Jen Wood, Peter Blair

She’s not kidding

We saw Karen earlier, she really has lost her voice. Effort!

Feeling inspired after @climbnewcastle #ASBO17 to get ripped and 1) climb like a beast, 2) fit into my new tiny tee

— Little Clem (@emma_clem) May 12, 2017

Morning Everyone!

Last night in a final full of drama, and in front of a record crowd, Michaela Tracy and Orrin Coley were crowned ASBO 17 champions.

The morning after, and there are some tired folk here at Climb Newcastle, but we've already nearly completed a full set of the pool area...