Climb Newcastle News: ASBO 17: As It Happened

Orrin Coley and Michaela Tracy crowned ASBO champions

In a dramatic, and very difficult, final Orrin and Michaela came throughbas ASBO 17 champions.

5pm Scores

Big scores so far from:

  • Orrin Coley (288)
  • Luke Murphy (279)
  • Tim Blake (270)
  • Naomi Buys (252)
  • Rachel Carr (264)
  • Robin Casey (Junior! 238)

And somewhere out there Naomi’s hubby looks like h might have a big score too! Setters are contemplating their final problems!

What time are the finals?

If you are lucky enough to finish in the top four then you need to be here at 8:30pm for isolation. At 8:30 the pool area will close and final problems will be set up. The finals will then start at 9pm, and will likely finish for 10:30/11.

How does qualification work?

Qualification ends at 8:30pm with competitors being awarded points depending on the number of goes it took to succeed on each problem. Each 1st go (flash) gets 10 points, second go 7 points, third go 4 points, and then any successful go after that earns a single point.

There are 30 problems, so 300 points up for grabs, and the top four male and female competitors will go through to the final, which takes place at 9pm.

We’re ready

Problems are set, videos uploading!


We’re nearly ready for testing... *excited*!

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