Climb Newcastle News: ASBO 17: Everything you need to know

ASBO 17: Everything you need to know

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Annual Spring Boulder Open, it's our biggest event in the Climb Newcastle calendar. In fact there aren't many bigger climbing events anywhere. It costs nothing additional to take part and it is, well, unmissable! The ASBO is a competition that mixes the fun of our friday competitions with a a spectacular final giving the chance to witness the best climbers of the North East and beyond compete.


ASBO 17 takes place on Friday 12th May 2017, between 12 midday and 10pm.


£500 is at stake for the male and female ASBO champions. Plus prizes from our sponsors.

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Entering the ASBO costs nothing more than your normal entry fee and you get a FREE ASBO 17 t-shirt if you are one of the first 200 through the door! Such a big event with no premium is unusual in the climbing world and yes we do run the ASBO at a loss - if you feel like we're giving you too much then please go and spend some pennies in the shop :-)


Oh yes, that's the best part! You'll want to come down to watch the finals - which are always epic!

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Competing is without a doubt the best way to take part in ASBO 17. The qualifying problems are similar in standard to our Winter Bouldering Series, covering the full range 3 to 7c+! Simply grab a scorecard at reception when you start, fill it in and drop it back when finished. Competing costs no more than your standard entry to the centre - plus you’ll get a free t-shirt! (If you're one of the first 200 in!)

ASBO 17 Schedule:
Qualifying: 12:00 - 20:30
Finals: 21:00 - late


The ASBO finals are always great to watch. The top 4 male and female competitors will battle it out in a spectacular finale, each taking turns to take on the imagination of our route-setting team. Spectating is free; if you want to climb before, just pay your normal entry.


Our international team of in-house route-setters will be on hand to set the competition problems. Setting starts early in the week with the finals set and tested on the Tuesday and Wednesday (before being marked and stripped).

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Climb Newcastle News

The testing team, of Chris, Suzan, and traditionally Andy Porter, make sure that the problems are vaguely sensible and possibly climbable! The pool area (where the finals will take place) will be stripped on the Thursday night to create a blank canvas for maximum madness.

Once the qualifying is finished you will see the setting team, plus helpers, take down the qualifying problems and put up the finals. Remember they’ve tested these *cough* thoroughly, they aren’t just making it up as they go along!


Scarpa have designed manufactured and hand built the world's greatest outdoor footwear for over 70 years. Whatever climbing adventure you are embarking on Scarpa's range of modern rock climbing shoes offers everything fromall day comfort through to cutting edge precision. Whether you are interested in long mountain routes, long days at the crag or the most technical boulder problems in the world, Scarpa footwear gives you the edge.

Scarpa have a history of supporting local climbers as part of their Scarpa Team, in particular as their shoes are distributed locally from North Tyneside.

Mark Savage started out working in New York, Paris and London taking fashion photos, scouting for a model agency in London. After gaining a first class degree in Photography, and a Masters Degree he ended up working for five years as a lecturer in photography.Mark now runs his own photography business and does advertising, product, editorial, music, PR, some fashion work and has won the Fujifilm National Award.

Mark also used to climb a bit, with many first ascents up to E8. And he used to be a rock star.

Mark has been the official photographer of the ASBO since 2011, always brilliantly capturing the action!

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