Climb Newcastle News: Summer Ladder Round 2

Climb Newcastle News

Today we've added the second set of problems for the summer boulder ladder; pinks in the range 3-7c.

So we now have two overlapping sets with around 10 more days to try the set 1 blacks. Follow your progress on our live scoreboard

Suz was pleased with winning our testing game*...

The testing game rules are as follows:

  • Starting positions are determined by company hierachy: directors then setters then staff then guests...
  • Each 'player' takes turns to attempt each problem (starting at #1 and going forward by number).
  • If you fall off you go to the back.
  • The person in the lead after the last problem wins.

Here's Phil in the roof on his way to second place:

And a speedy ascent of #15. Don't let Suzan's rapid climbing fool you, this one is very tricky!