Climb Newcastle News: Front Covers

A big shout out to our good friend Mark Savage who's photo features on the front cover of Climb Magazine.

For those wondering, the problem is Red Dragon (8a) at Queen's Crag, probably the most suitable British summer venue there is, certainly not a winter one, as it's well known to be the coldest place in Britain. Probably.

Congratulations Mark!

Of course most of you will know Mark's brilliant ASBO photos, but if not, go and check them out!

Talking about front covers, how brilliant to see climbing on the front cover of the BBC Sport website this week. Congratulations too to Shauna Coxsey who is now both MBE and World Champion!

Climb Newcastle News

Finally, the summer boulder ladder begins tomorrow... that means it's live scoreboard season... we'll keep you updated with the big scores as they come in! More on the ladder here.