Climb Newcastle News: June Events

Climb Newcastle News

This June at Climb Newcastle:

Junior and Inter-School Climbing Championships: Our 2016 Junior and Inter-School Climbing Championships will be held between 24th June and 1st July. This is a great opportunity for both young individuals and groups to get involved in competition climbing, with problems specifically set for youngsters. For more information on how to take part, visit our Junior Competition events page.

Summer Boulder Ladder: Also starting this month is our summer boulder ladder, which kicks off on Friday 20th June. This is another really easy event to get involved with; it costs nothing, and all you need to do is collect a scorecard from reception. Fill it in, follow your progress on our live scoreboard, and potentially win some cool prizes. There are 5 different sets to try, which overlap throughout the summer:

  • Set 1: 17th June - 11th July
  • Set 2: 1st July - 25th July
  • Set 3: 15th July - 8th August
  • Set 4: 29th July - 26th August
  • Set 5: 12th August - 26th August
  • Ladder Ends - 26th August

More information on our Summer Boulder Ladder events page.