Climb Newcastle News: ASBO 16 Reaction


153 people competed at ASBO 16, exactly the same as at the one-day ASBO 15. Worth the second day for the extra space though!

DJ in the cupboard

A huge thanks to Matt Wilson who kept the place bouncing on Friday night! Even more for doing so in our cupboard next to all those whiffy hire shoes :-)

Full Results Are Out

Pool Open at 11:30

From 11:30 the pool will re-open. New yellows, blues, greens, browns, pinks, oranges and greys, with whites and more yellows coming tomorrow. You can also try some of the final problems from yesterday.

11:03am 8th May 2016

Michaela Tracy on her way to ASBO 16 Champion

Parting with the Cash

These guys are a little richer this-morning after being crowned ASBO champions. It wasn't easy to get the cash out of Andy and Chris' hands though!

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