Climb Newcastle News: Pre-ASBO Circuit Changes

Climb Newcastle News

As we approach ASBO 16 some circuits are chopping and changing in the next couple of weeks...

Whites will be up for another few days, they are still the comp set from easter, but will be coming down in the run up to ASBO to make some room for funky comp problems on May 6th.

Blues, which were of course our comp set for the winter bouldering series, are now in the same range as black (4+ to 6b).

Blacks are still up in that range but won't be for long, they are going to be our ASBO 16 comp set! ;-)

All problems in the pool will come down on the evening of 5th May, with a full pool reset on the morning of Sunday 8th...

And before that, we'll have new pinks this Friday, in the range 6b to 7b. That's good because these oranges are just to easy ;-)