Climb Newcastle News: Rainy Days at Climb Newcastle

This has been our busiest July ever... I'm sure it's our brilliant coaching/setting/barista skills rather than the terrible weather!

Here's some of your thoughts on the matter...

Staying Dry


Looking on the bright side, you've had lots of opportunity to improve your summer boulder ladder score and you've probably been saving a fortune on sun cream! The fourth set of our summer competition starts on friday, if you haven't had a go yet just pick up a scorecard, a totally free bit of card, and scribble on how many you get to the top of. Hand it back at the end of the session and we'll publicly humiliate you on our live scoreboard :-)

One thing we do need the weather to cheer up for is our outdoor kids coaching sessions which we've been running for a few years with our friends at Adventure Training North East. It's a super day out for climbers age 8+ who want to try out climbing on real rock! Give us a call on (0191) 276 2174 to discuss details!

That's all for now... but unless there's a heatwave we're going to start selling off our summer clothing at the weekend...!