Climb Newcastle News: Summer Boulder Ladder - Starts June 19th

The Summer Boulder Ladder is a fun and friendly competition running through the summer season - 5 sets of 25 problems, each one going up fortnightly and staying up for (just short of) 4 weeks.All you have to do to take part is collect a free scorecard at reception - fill it in at your own pace, hand it back in each time to see yourself on the live scorecard (that's the ladder bit moving up and down) and generally have some summer fun!

  • Set 1: 19th June - 13th July
  • Set 2: 3rd July - 27th July
  • Set 3: 17th July - 10th Aug
  • Set 4: 31st July - 28th Aug
  • Set 5: 15th Aug - 28th Aug
  • Ladder Ends 28th Aug

Follow the below links to the live scoreboard once the competition starts, and to download a leaflet.