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Thank You and Goodnight!

ASBO finalists

Wow.... epic ASBO 15... Thank you everyone who came out to watch or compete, including the terrific finalists, and congratulations to Leah Crane and Adam Watson, 2015 Annual Spring Boulder Open champions! :-)

Posted by Climb Newcastle on Friday, May 8, 2015

Thanks To...

...the ASBO 15 sponsors, please go visit these guys' websites and show them some love!

Friday May 8th, 23:04

Results: Men

  • 1. Adam Watson T 2/2, B 3/6
  • 2. Nathan Phillips T 2/2, B 2/2
  • 3. Joe Wilson T 2/4, B 2/4
  • 4. Aidan Roberts T 2/9, B 2/4

Friday May 8th, 23:00

Results: Women

  • 1. Leah Crane T 3/3, B 3/3
  • 2. Sid Graham T 1/1, B 2/3
  • 3. Alison Monks T 1/3, B 3/7
  • 4. Joanne Quinan T 1/3, B 2/4
  • 5. Karin Magog T 1/7, B 2/8

Friday May 8th, 23:00

Problem 3

Aidan and Joe top the circus problem. Particularly impressive from Aidan, you could say that he had a slight height disadvantage there! Nathan flashes which means Watson must flash to win. Out he comes in a change of vest for reasons that are beyond's flowery, maybe he has a new sponsor, interflora?... super tense... he does flash, in terrific style! Women's 3 is super gnarly turning the lip. Everyone looks tired. But not Leah who flashes again to become ASBO champion. All 5 female finalists have now been ASBO champions - extraordinary!
Friday May 8th, 22:30

Yellow Card


Adam expresses some annoyance over not finishing number 2, and then politely apologises to the crowd. He might have done it had Chris and Porter not decided to tweak slightly harder at 8:15pm and take a screw-on off! Sorry Adam!
Friday May 8th, 21:45

Crucial Bonus Hold

Problem 2

Problem 2 is tough on both sides. Joanne and Sid come close. Leah sensationally flashes. The boys struggle with the volumes on mens 2, Watson gets furthest, the crowd going crazy as he clinches a crucial bonus hold.
Friday May 8th, 21:55

Sid high on number 2

Problem 1

4 flashes for the boys on men's 1. Leah and Sid flash the girls, with Alison, Karin and Joanne all topping out.
Friday May 8th, 21:20

Joe Tops Mens 1...Just


Men: Joe Wilson, Aidan Roberts, Nathan Phillips, Adam Watson (last two tied going in to the final).

Women: Alison Monks, Karin Magog, Sid Graham, Joanne Quinan, Leah Crane.
Friday May 8th, 20:35


Looking good for the final...Watson, Phillips, Wilson, Roberts, Crane, Quinan, Graham... tight for the last couple of places. Exciting times!
Friday May 8th, 20:15


Here We Go

It's Busy Already

First Time ASBOing

We're Ready

Lubing Up


12 midday: Doors open to try our 30 day-time problems.

8:30pm: Scorecards need to be handed in - prepare to witness chaos in the pool as we strip all of the qualifying problems and put up 6 final problems.

9pm: The competitors will be paraded, and then get 5 minutes to view the final problems, and try to figure out what the fudge we were thinking.

9:05pm: The finals will begin, moving incrementally towards the back of the pool. Come down and watch - expect it to be a tight squeeze though! All part of the fun.

Approx 11pm: We will announce the ASBO 15 winners!
Friday May 8th, 11:45

How Hard?

How hard are the day-time problems? Well there's plenty to go at, starting from fb 3. At the top end we reckon there are 4 in the 7b/c range, with plenty of droppable ones just below. We'll be surprised to see many scores beyond 270.
Friday May 8th, 10:54

T-Shirt Boy

Heading to Newcastle

Testing Time

30 problems set... Quick coffee for the setting team before testing

Posted by Climb Newcastle on Friday, May 8, 2015

Feeling Blue

1 Sleep 2 Go

Lights out... All is quiet on ASBO Eve

Posted by Climb Newcastle on Thursday, May 7, 2015


Afternoon at Scarpa UK

We're spending the afternoon at Scarpa UK who are sponsoring Friday's competition, lots of freebies arranged!

Posted by Climb Newcastle on Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Porter's Verdict

Powerful Body Funk

Sounds like a new genre of music!

Wednesday May 6th, 11:00

Mens Final Testing

Big-pipes-Porter is coming in to test to provide the upper body strength to go with Chris' thunder thighs... hoping...

Posted by Climb Newcastle on Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Mens Final Setting

Earl and Graham are in creation mode - setting and testing the 3 men's finals this morning... they'll be gone again by opening time...

Posted by Climb Newcastle on Wednesday, May 6, 2015

ASBO Live Updates

Welcome to our live updates page for ASBO15. Hashtag-us at #ASBO15 to contribute!
Tuesday May 5th, 20:15