Climb Newcastle News: The Plan... and 2 new sets

As you may have noticed by our subtle countdown timer on the home page there is one week to go until ASBO 15. We thought it was a good time to get you up to speed with our plan for the next week...

First though, two new circuits, yes not one, but two, to tell you about. This-morning we have added new greys and purples in their usual ranges (nails hard and medium respectively). Suz is away so it's two manly British sets of climbs from the Earl/Graham combo. They are however only in the corridors and cave, no pool problems, which leads me on to...

The Plan

Monday 4th May: We are open as normal 12 midday to 10pm for the bank holiday.

Tues/Weds 5th-6th May: We'll be setting the finals in the mornings - all hush hush and then taking them down again before opening. No disruption to normal opening.

Thursday 7th May: The pool will be stripped pm and a general erection of volumes etc. Pool only closed from 7pm-ish.

Friday 8th May: ASBO 15! If you don't know what that means head over to this news post.

Saturday 9th May: Can we use the general erection joke again? No probably not. There will be a full reset(!) of problems in the pool. Yeeha! Pool will reopen midday-ish with problems of all colours, plus you can try the ASBO 15 final problems!

Watch out for more preview of next Friday's event throughout the coming week.