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Annual Spring Boulder Open (ASBO) 24

The 2024 Annual Spring Boulder Open (ASBO) takes place on Saturday May 11th. It's a night when we pull out all the stops, with a fun competition to take part in during the day and a spectacular final in the evening.

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How to take part

When and where?

ASBO 24 takes place at The Valley on Saturday 11th May 2024.

How much does it cost?

Taking part is free with your normal entry fee! If you don't want to try the climbs then you can also spectate for free!

Can I spectate

Oh yes, that's the best part! You'll want to come down to watch the finals - which are always epic! They will start at 8:30pm

What else is important?

Think about your travel arrangements... it is going to be extraordinarily busy. We recommend public transport if you can, and if not think about parking and walking in from Byker town centre, Ouseburn or The Pool. We also have tons of internal bike parking.

More information on travelling to The Valley can be found here.

How do I take part?

Competing is without a doubt the best way to take part in ASBO 24. The qualifying problems are similar in standard to our Winter Bouldering Series, covering the full range 3 to 7c+! Simply check-in at reception, enter the comp on Griptonite and get going. Competing costs no more than your standard entry to the centre - plus you’ll get a free t-shirt! (If you're one of the first 250 odd in!)

ASBO 24 Schedule:

Qualifying: 09:00 - 19:30
Finals: 20:30 - late

The ASBO finals are always great to watch. The top 4 male and female competitors will battle it out in a spectacular finale, each taking turns to take on the imagination of our route-setting team. Spectating is free; if you want to climb before, just pay your normal entry.

Behind the scenes

Our international team of in-house route-setters (Andy, Chris and Suz) will be on hand to set the competition problems. Setting starts early in the week with the finals set and tested on the Thursday (before being marked and stripped). The testing team of Chris, Suz and Andy Porter make sure that the problems are vaguely sensible and possibly climbable! Then the finals come down and the qualifiers go up.

On the day, once the qualifying is finished you will see the setting team, plus helpers, take down the qualifying problems and put up the finals.

ASBO Inspiration

ASBO Winners

ASBO 23Louise FlockhartOrrin Coley
ASBO 22Louise FlockhartOrrin Coley
ASBO 19Ajda RemskarOrrin Coley
ASBO 18Michaela TracyOrrin Coley
ASBO 17Michaela TracyOrrin Coley
ASBO 16Michaela TracyDave Barrans
ASBO 15Leah CraneAdam Watson
ASBO 14Sid GrahamDan Varian
ASBO 13Alison MonksJonah Vinsome
ASBO 12Hannah WilsonBobby Gowdy
ASBO 11Joanne QuinanNigel Callender
ASBO 10Joanne QuinanJoe Wilson
ASBO 09Karin MagogNigel Callender