Current Climbs

These are the current climbs up at our two centres:

The Valley

Colour Start date Expected Last date Grade range Setters
Purples 22nd March 28th April 6a to 7a
Blacks 18th March 5th May 5 to 6c
Comp-Walls 17th March 16th April 4 to 7b+
Reds 15th March 24th April 3 to 7a
Greens 11th March 21st April 6b to 7b
Greys 4th March 10th April 6a to 6c
Yellows 25th February 27th March 4+ to 6b
Blues 22nd February 7th April 7a to 8a
Pinks 15th February 31st March 6c to 7c
Whites 11th February 24th March 4 to 6a
Oranges 31st January 7th April 3 to 4

The Pool

Colour Start date Last date (approx) Grade range Setters
Browns 20th March 15th May 6a to 7a
Greys 13th March 8th May 6c to 7c
Whites 6th March 24th April 6b to 7b
Purples 27th February 17th April 5 to 6c
Blues 20th February 10th April 6a to 7a
Yellows 18th February 5th May 3 to 4+
Pinks 13th February 3rd April 6a to 6c+
Blacks 6th February 27th March 4+ to 6b
Woodens 17th December TBC 6b to 7b

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