First Time FAQs

Do I Need To Book Or Can I Just Turn Up?
If you are new to climbing then you will need to either turn up with someone who is already a registered user (they can sign up to two novices in) or you will need to do one of our foundation sessions, for which you will need to contact us on (0191) 276 2174. If you are a competent climber then you are welcome to just turn up any time.

What Should I Wear?
Think vertical gym, clothes with a bit of stretch. Bring a jumper in winter as it can get chilly.

What Equipment Do I Need?
Really you don't need much, we can hire you climbing shoes and chalk which is the only equipment needed for bouldering. Some show-offs have a little toothbrush for cleaning excess chalk from our holds. Wearing climbing shoes is a centre rule at Climb Newcastle, and you wouldn't be able to stand on our little footholds anyway in your trainers/flip-flops/high-heels.

Are You Open On...?
Yes...probably. We are only closed on New Year's Day and Christmas Day, with occasional changed hours on some bank holidays. Check our opening times for full details.

Can I supervise novices?
Experienced climbers can sign in up to two novices or under 18s. Note, this includes children, so don't expect to be able to turn up with more than two children.

I'm Under 18, Can I Just Turn Up?
If you are under 18 and aged 14 or over, and you know how to use a climbing centre safely, then you can just turn up, although you must have a completed registration form filled in by your parent/guardian, otherwise you will not be able to climb. Even if you are here as a student, living away from home, it might seem ridiculous but if you are under 18 national guidelines state that you must have parental consent. A staff member will assess and sign-off if they feel that you are suitable to climb unsupervised, but be warned this is not a guarantee so please ensure that you adhere to the centre rules.

I'm Under 14, Can I Just Turn Up?
Only if you are accompanied by a competent adult climber, i.e. a registered user, sorry but this is in accordance with national (Association of British Climbing Walls) guidelines.

Can I Spectate?
If you're coming along but not climbing then you must stay off the matted areas if you are an unregistered user. You will be asked to sign in on our visitor form. Note that to supervise an under 18 then you must be a competent climber (and if not will need to do a foundation / family foundation.

Will I Find It Too Hard?
Not likely - our problems (climbs) start from very easy, if you can climb a ladder you can probably do some of our easiest set of problems.

Will I Find It Too Easy?
Ha! Dream on - our hardest problems will often never get climbed, or only by the very best. We have several international athletes train at the centre.