Rock Stars Supervised Sessions

Our weekend kids sessions are the perfect way to use up some of that weekend energy. Under the supervision of one of our expert coaches, rock stars teaches climbing skills in a fun environment and reinforces the ideas with some of our exceptional climbing activities. Rock Stars is well suited to kids who have never climbed and there is certainly no experience necessary - our accessibility to children of all ages and abilities is second to none with a dedicated kids and coaching room and climbing in our main arena that starts at beginner level.

The sessions run every weekend (times below) and are equally as good as a one-off fun morning out as they are a regular activity - and we have many who have come every week since we opened! The coaches, whilst all trained to the very highest level in house by former World Champion Andy Earl, all have their own little games... Monkeys in the jungle? One of our favourites... Solitaire?. You think you can't play solitaire on a climbing wall? You would be wrong!

We also run Rock Stars sessions every day during school holidays, often giving the sessions a new theme to keep them fresh.

Who for? Kids big and small. Perfect for first timers.
When? Rock Stars sessions run every Saturday and Sunday and are split by age:
9-10am: ages 3-5
10-11am: ages 6-9
11-12am: ages 10-13
12-1pm: ages 3-5
1-2pm: ages 6-9
Where The Pool, Byker.
Cost? £8
including jazzy shoe hire.
Booking Required? Yes please, these sessions are very popular! (0191) 276 2174
Booking Policy

Sessions can be booked at reception in person, or on (0191) 276 2174.

Sessions are open for booking a calendar month before the session date.

Climb Newcastle reserve the right to refuse future bookings where participants regularly miss sessions without informing the centre in advance.

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Upcoming dates/times:
Tue 7th April12:00 - 12:55Rock Stars 3-5yo
Tue 7th April13:00 - 13:55Rock Stars 6-9yo
Tue 7th April14:00 - 14:55Rock Stars 10-13yo
Wed 8th April12:00 - 12:55Rock Stars 3-5yo
Wed 8th April13:00 - 13:55Rock Stars 6-9yo
Wed 8th April14:00 - 14:55Rock Stars 10-13yo
Thu 9th April12:00 - 12:55Rock Stars 3-5yo
Thu 9th April13:00 - 13:55Rock Stars 6-9yo
Thu 9th April14:00 - 14:55Rock Stars 10-13yo
Fri 10th April12:00 - 12:55Rock Stars 3-5yo
Fri 10th April13:00 - 13:55Rock Stars 6-9yo
Fri 10th April14:00 - 14:55Rock Stars 10-13yo
Sat 11th April09:00 - 09:55Rock Stars 3-5yo
Sat 11th April10:00 - 10:55Rock Stars 6-9yo
Sat 11th April11:00 - 11:55Rock Stars 10-13yo
Sat 11th April12:00 - 12:55Rock Stars 3-5yo
Sat 11th April13:00 - 13:55Rock Stars 6-9yo
Sun 12th April09:00 - 09:55Rock Stars 3-5yo
Sun 12th April10:00 - 10:55Rock Stars 6-9yo
Sun 12th April11:00 - 11:55Rock Stars 10-13yo
Sun 12th April12:00 - 12:55Rock Stars 3-5yo
Sun 12th April13:00 - 13:55Rock Stars 6-9yo
Mon 13th April12:00 - 12:55Rock Stars 3-5yo
Mon 13th April13:00 - 13:55Rock Stars 6-9yo
Mon 13th April14:00 - 14:55Rock Stars 10-13yo
Tue 14th April12:00 - 12:55Rock Stars 3-5yo
Tue 14th April13:00 - 13:55Rock Stars 6-9yo
Tue 14th April14:00 - 14:55Rock Stars 10-13yo

All sessions are subject to availability and we sometimes cancel sessions to make room for other bookings.
For info and booking call us on (0191) 276 2174.