One to One Coaching

Working with one of our coaches one on one maximises the opportunity for learning and improvement with a session tailored to your coaching needs. Your one to one session could focus on a particular skill or aspect of your climbing that you would like to improve on. Or it could be you want a coach to assess your ability and let the session flow naturally as points for improvement and training suggestions arise.

There are no minimum climbing requirements for our one to one coaching, however it is suggested that you explore other coaching avenues before embarking on a session.

Climb Newcastle Coaching Team:

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality climbing coaching in the North of England To find out more about our coaching team visit our team page..

Suzan Dudink:

Suzan Dudink is one of the strongest climbers to come out of Holland and is one of only a handful of female climbers worldwide to have climbed the magical font 8a grade. Suzan finished 3rd in the high profile outdoor climbing competition Mello Bloco in 2008 and has won several indoor events in Holland and Belgium. An athletics coach for 5 years, Suzan also works in the Sports Science department of Sunderland University.

Who for? Intermediate to advanced climbers.
When? Weekday evenings, or contact us to arrange a convenient time - we'll run this session whenever we have a coach free.
Cost? Climb Newcastle Coaching Team: £25 / 60 minutes or £35 / 90 minutes

(prices include centre entry (and shoe hire if required), so you can climb before or after. It is recommended that you warm up before the session starts to maximise the benefit of the session.)
+1 Supplement Add £10 for an extra participant (one-on-two session)
Booking Required? Yes please. (0191) 276 2174
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