Junior Coaching Academy

Our Junior Coaching Academy provides formal coaching for improving the climbing skills of juniors age 6-17. The Coaching Academy is a structured series of sessions written by Andy Earl and delivered by our expert team of coaches. Skills taught include basic climbing techniqes, route reading, training methods, advanced footwork, core strength and finger strength.

Kids should be referred from Rock Stars sessions so for kids who have not climbed before or are new to the centre then book into a Rock Stars session and discuss with the session coach how to move on the junior academy.

Who for? Kids aged 6+ recommended by a coach from our rock stars sessions.
When? Every Saturday and Sunday.
Where The Pool, Byker.
Cost? £9pp, includes shoe hire if required.
Booking Required? Yes please. (0191) 276 2174
Booking Policy

Sessions can be booked at reception in person, or on (0191) 276 2174.

Sessions are open for booking a calendar month before the session date.

Climb Newcastle reserve the right to refuse future bookings where participants regularly miss sessions without informing the centre in advance.

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Upcoming dates/times:
Sat 30th May09:15 - 10:10Junior Academy 6-10yo
Sat 30th May10:15 - 11:10Junior Academy 10-15yo
Sat 30th May12:15 - 13:10Junior Academy 6-10yo
Sat 30th May13:15 - 14:10Junior Academy 10-15yo
Sun 31st May09:15 - 10:10Junior Academy 6-10yo
Sun 31st May10:15 - 11:10Junior Academy 10-15yo
Sun 31st May12:15 - 13:10Junior Academy 6-10yo
Sun 31st May13:15 - 14:10Junior Academy 10-15yo

All sessions are subject to availability and we sometimes cancel sessions to make room for other bookings.
For info and booking call us on (0191) 276 2174.