Family Foundation Climbing Session

Our family foundation sessions are the session to do if you want to get started climbing as a family. This session is a hybrid of our rock stars sessions and our adult foundation session, giving the basic safety info for the adults, whilst keeping it fun for the kids and giving you all useful hints on how to climb and use the centre.

After the coaching part of the session, which lasts 30-45 minutes, you can climb for as long as you want and come back any time in the future without requiring a coach - this makes the sessions very popular as it gives flexibility to bring kids in outside of our (sometimes too) popular Rock Stars sessions.

Who for? Beginners; and a mix of adults and children (one over 18 must actively participate if under 14s are taking part, i.e. pay and climb as part of the session).
When? Whenever you like really, as long as we have a coach free we'll squeeze one in. Best to give us a shout first though.
Where The Pool, Byker.
Cost? Adults pay our foundation session price £15pp, as the safety stuff is aimed at the adults children under 14 are admitted at £10pp. Price includes coaching, shoe hire and day passes so that you can stay as long as you like.
Booking Required? Yes please. (0191) 276 2174
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