Current Climbs

These are the current climbs up at our two centres:

The Valley

Yellows 20th August 5 to 6b
Blues 15th August 7a to 7c+
Whites 13th August 4 to 6a+
Purples 10th August 6a to 7a
Pinks 6th August 6c to 7b+
Reds 3rd August 4 to 7b+
Blacks 27th July 5 to 6c
Greens 23rd July 6b to 7b
Greys 18th July 6a to 6c+
Oranges 13th July 3 to 5
Comp-Walls 13th July 4 to 7b

The Pool

Blues 17th August 4 to 7b+
Blacks 8th August 5 to 6c
Greens 1st August 4 to 6a+
Browns 25th July 6a to 7a
Greys 11th July 6c to 7b+
Whites 4th July 6b to 7b
Purples 13th June 5 to 6c
Yellows 8th June 3 to 4+

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